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Featured Art Scarves

"Celebration" Square Scarf
"Celebration" Square Scarf $ 75.00
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"Blocks Of Bliss" Square Scarf
"Blocks Of Bliss" Square Scarf $ 75.00
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"Waking Up"  Oblong Scarf
"Waking Up" Oblong Scarf $ 65.00
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"Ocean Glory"  Oblong Scarf
"Ocean Glory" Oblong Scarf $ 65.00
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Featured Fine Art Prints

"Musing Monet' Print
"Musing Monet' Print from $ 30.00
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"City" Print
"City" Print from $ 30.00
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"Enigma" Print
"Enigma" Print from $ 30.00
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"Playful" Print
"Playful" Print from $ 30.00
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"Midnight Roses" Print
"Midnight Roses" Print from $ 30.00
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"Forever Love" Print
"Forever Love" Print from $ 30.00
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Welcome to Chartzie Wearable Art Collection!

Chaya Mallavaram is a modern impressionist and abstract painter. Inspired by the works of Monet, Van Gogh and the colors from India where she grew up, Chaya combines vibrant colors and bold textures in her paintings that lets viewers escape into places that are magical and uplifting. When painting, Chaya lets her emotions and intuition guide her through the process that takes her into a calming place. “I love that happy place and that’s where the magic happens”. Chaya uses pallet knives, her fingers, brushes and other things she feels fit while painting. “It’s exciting to explore new ways to paint. Art is a journey for me and I can’t wait to see where it takes me!”

Chartzie Art Scarves, is an exclusive wearable art collection of abstract print silk scarves, designed in USA by Boston based contemporary and abstract artist Chaya Mallavaram from her paintings. Chaya first paints on canvas and then designs her scarves from images of her paintings. The designs are then digitally printed on the finest quality silk, which is woven exclusively for the Chartzie line of scarves. The 100% silk scarves are soft, luxurious, timeless and vibrant. They come individually packed in a luxury gift box and makes a great gift!

Contact Information:
Chartzie Wearable Art Collection is open for wholesale, collaborations and conversations! Contact us at or fill up the contact form here.



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How I landed an interview with Boston Globe

January 26, 2018

Boston Globe interviews Chaya Mallavaram on turning her paintings into wearable art. How did she land the interview?

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