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About Chartzie


Art has been my passion ever since I can remember. Like many, I too don several hats every day – mom, wife, daughter, software programmer and a self-taught artist. Even as I call Massachusetts my home today, I inevitably bring along some of what influenced me growing up in the colorful melting pot, that’s India. Every journey has a beginning. And my artistic one started when as a child, I was encouraged to be the artist I am today, by my mother. When she succumbed to Parkinson’s disease in 2009 after a difficult 10 year bout with it, I felt the need to do something. I helped raise funds and awareness for the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, with the help of family and friends. While this cause will always be very dear to my heart, I intend to give a part of the net proceeds from the sale of my silk scarves to help fight other equally deserving causes. Born out of a friendly chat with my neighbor, I couldn’t wait to delve into combining what I do best, art and giving.  

CHARTZIE, simply put, is exclusive wearable art. From my many a vibrant canvas to your closet for a touch of chic you won’t be able to resist wearing. For any occasion! The art once created is printed on 100% silk to create soft, luxurious silk scarves. Hope you enjoy wearing them, as much as I did painting them!


    (Chaya Mallavaram)